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Investigators learned that Menshouse had inappropriate physical contact with two different victims who were known to him, according to Lt. Menshouse was arrested at his residence on August He was released following his arraignment in Solon Town Court. Cincinnatus man charged with sexual abuse FeaturedNews. Menshouse was arrested last week and charged with a felony of first-degree sexual abuse and misdemeanors of third-degree sexual abuse and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. At times like these we may think wistfully of Cincinnatus, whose notion of new politics and the big society was to cling firmly to his farmer's plough. Legend has it that the statesman and soldier had to be dragged from his fields by distraught fellow countrymen to save their republic , twice. He did so each time, but went home as quickly as possible, on the second occasion after only 16 days. Now we have a government led by two professional politicians who have done little else all their working lives, and contenders for the Labour leadership to whom the same applies. There is a very real chance that by this autumn the Westminster elite will be almost entirely filled by white men under 45 who have hardly worked outside politics. Perhaps the complexity of modern politics requires this worrying thought , but the allied suggestion that all MPs should be "full-time" politicians is misconceived. The Cincinnatus of history rather than myth was actually a deplorable patrician whose extreme hostility to the plebs and their tribunes when he did venture to Rome was overlooked by radical Americans who named Ohio's great city after him. But his legendary alter ego has lessons to teach. Do your bit then quit is one; another, for politicians in for the long haul, is to lead a life which allows time for involvement in other work or interests. Such an arrangement would surely encourage more women into politics, a topic high on the agenda.

Upon returning to Rome, Cincinnatus was given a triumphus. One name was found over and over again, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. Cincinnatus led the infantry in person, while Tarquitius led the cavalry. The commanders of the Aequi begged Cincinnatus not to slaughter them all. The next morning, Cincinnatus went to the Roman forum and nominated as his Magister Equitum second in command Lucius Tarquitius, who was considered one of the finest soldiers in Rome. A few Roman Horsemen escaped and returned to Rome to tell the Senate of the situation at hand. Being both a statesman and an aristocrat, Cincinnatus was a hero of early Rome, a model of Roman virtue and simplicity, and held in the highest regard by the aristocratic Patrician class.

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But the reason they chose Cincinnatus was that he was known to be a man of virtue, who had proven himself as a consul. He goes on to say that Washington did not want to declare defeat at the worst moments of the war because he did not want to lose the privilege of laying down his arms in imitation of Cincinatus. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a Roman farmer in the 5th century B. George Washington was compared to Cincinnatus on many occasions.

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Dating Men in Cincinnatus
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