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Cambodia and Laos share a border and a problem: In a bid to stop the long-documented depletion of their natural resources, both countries last year announced export bans to their eastern neighbour. Their solutions, however, have delivered very different results, according to a recent report based on Vietnamese customs data by US-based NGO Forest Trends. Relative to Cambodia, Laos has made huge inroads into curbing timber flowing out of its territory, the customs data show, a success that forestry analysts yesterday attributed to genuine political will from their recently elected premier, a relatively more disciplined bureaucracy and fewer familial ties between ruling elites and the timber trade. After a prime ministerial decree banning the export of both logs and sawn wood was issued in May , imports of Lao timber registered by Vietnam plummeted, according to the report, which also reveals some Lao wood transited through Cambodian border crossings to Vietnam, possibly to circumvent the tougher controls. In , just 36, cubic metres of Lao raw logs made their way east, compared to , cubic metres the year before. Sawn wood entering Vietnam from Laos, meanwhile, dropped from , cubic metres in to 95, cubic metres last year. Further, the figures, broken down by month, show the trade dwindled for both categories in the second half of the year following the ban, which the report states:

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Grimsas Senior Dating Website
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