Meet Catholic Women in Caceres

In just the last two weeks two Honduran human rights activists were killed for their outspoken defense of indigenous land rights. Their murders are part of the growing backlash against civil society around the world. Their brutal murders are an enormous loss to human rights defenders around the world. At Oxfam we will continue to work with our colleagues in this fight. We will continue to speak out and defend the political spaces claimed by women and men like Berta and Nelson, and their lands. Launched by Tony Blair more than ten years ago, the EITI brings together business, governments, and NGOs in dialogue to deliver improved accountability over financial flows from mining, oil, and gas activities in compliant countries—of which Honduras is one.

John Paul II said that the ordination of women was not up for discussion because Jesus chose only men to be his disciples. Nicole Perone, a Voices of Faith speaker who is completing her master of divinity degree at Yale University, expressed hope that in the coming months women would be appointed to top positions at least at the Vatican offices responsible for family and for laity. Her position, like those of women presidents of Catholic universities and women chancellors of dioceses, she said, shows "the practice of empowering women and the ability to share power with women is there. Friday, March 11, 6: A woman in Managua, Nicaragua, poses March 8 with a photo of slain environmental rights activist Berta Caceres of Honduras during a march to mark International Women's Day. Members of the Voices of Faith international advisory board — mainly women leaders in organizations serving the poor or in foundations that fund Catholic activities — arrived in Rome days before the main event to network with the chosen "storytellers" and speakers and to meet with Vatican officials. Peace Corps in Colombia, told the Voices of Faith gathering, "Institutions never change because they should, but because it is in their self-interest," which is why it is important to highlight for the entire church the examples and stories of women leaders who serve the church. Catholics at all levels of the church also need to learn to listen to women's "voices of faith" as input that is not "threatening," but enriching, she said. We do it in a kind of emotional way, through storytelling," bringing them into contact with Catholic women leaders and "showing them what we are capable of doing, that they should use our expertise and talents. Such suspicion about the motives of Catholic women active in church leadership "is unfortunate," Woo said, "because along the way we fail to hear the voices.

On April 10,by virtue of an official and written appointment signed by the Archbishop of Caceres, 29 men and women of the Archdiocese were made members of the Council of the Laity in Caceres, for 3 years. To achieve unity of the laymen and women for an effective apostolate and community towards the building up of the Kingdom of God in Caceres.

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Meet Sr. By the way, of the 35 African participants, 15 are women 10 of these are either finishing or in the middle of their PhD studies. Juan also worked with the Chinese Catholic community. But something within him changed little-by-little: I thought what I needed to do was to settle down, meet a woman who would make me very happy and have a family. But on Tuesday, Work Minister Guillermo Sosa said the government would listen to the workers' complaints at a meeting also attended by representatives from Itaipu. Crucifixion protests in Paraguay, a poor, majority Catholic country of about 7 million people, began in when a disgruntled hospital worker was nailed to a cross. Four men and one woman have been nailed to crosses for several weeks and a sixth person had planned to join them Tuesday until Paraguay's Work Ministry agreed to meet with the protesters on Jan. The Catholic Church's Paraguayan Episcopal Conference issued a statement in condemning the crucifixions, saying such protests had "questionable ethical and religious dimensions. Male supporters of the protest clean up the men while a few women tend to Caceres. In recent weeks they were joined by Pablo Garcete, 71, and Rosa Caceres, 52, a mother of nine whose former husband worked on the dam.

Meet Catholic Women in Caceres
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